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Owner /Head Chef  

Leonard Robinson

The 50-year-old chef isn’t new to the restaurant business. He previously owned two establishments in Atlanta, the second of which closed after fallout from the economic downturn. Four years later, he’s ready to take the plunge again. Robinson learned over the years not to have too many business partners — and also not to box himself in. One of his previous restaurants, Fleur de Lis, was French, but that meant that he was sort of beholden to cook French food all the time. Robinson says "Now I can do what I do, and it comes naturally. Fleur de Lis was a niche kind of place, and I learned as a business man, the more accessibility and the more visibility, hopefully the more profitability.” From Robinson’s kitchen, expect specialties such as chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, house-made pastrami and gravlax, biscuits, maybe a duck sausage, and more takes on comfort food. As for the name? He originally wanted to call it Yardbird, but that was already taken by a popular Miami restaurant. Robinson hopes Bird Kitchen + Cocktails will become a quintessential neighborhood spot.