available 9:00 am - 3:00 pm  Tuesday - Friday 



BREAKFAST biscuits

egg, cheese 5

egg, cheese, meat    6

avocado, tomato, egg 6

chicken, egg, pimento cheese , bacon 9

egg dishes

Bird Breakfast: two eggs, meat, potatoes or grits, biscuit  8

collards and tomato, buttermilk biscuit, potatoes   10 


bacon, pork sausage, turkey sausage    4

grits   3

potatoes   3

buttermilk biscuit    1


fried chicken, pimento cheese, egg    6

BLT, egg, aioli    5




available 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Tuesday - Friday



           Local mixed greens, Parmesan, eggs, crouton, green goddess    7                                                                                               add chicken +4                                                                                     

              Crispy chicken, English peas, corn, bacon, basil, buttermilk    12                                                                                                   


   Fried chicken / doughnuts:  1/4 bird, doughnuts, chow chow    13

    Oyster Po' Boy:   crispy oysters, chow chow, aioli    12

Cheeseburger: short rib/brisket blend, sesame bun    13

Crushed avocado tartine,  harissa, mixed greens   10  

 Blue Plate Special    chef's choice   MKT 



fries   3

mixed greens   3

biscuits with honey butter   2


bread pudding   6

sweet potato pie   7






Pimento cheese jar, tomato jam, benne seed bread   6

“Sea Board Plate”: pickled shrimp, trout rillettes, smoked oysters, lox, black bread   12

Pork cracklings, peanuts, caramel, chile   5

Pumpkin custard, hazelnuts,  local wood mushroom, brown butter   9

Georgia clams, merguez sausage, fennel, red chile   10

Niman ranch pork, bean medley, herb spice blend   10

Free range chicken gumbo   8

Muffeletta   10

Winter greens, blackberries, beets, goat cheese, walnut vinaigrette   8



Milk stout short ribs, grits, peas    21

Crab toast, ginger aioli   10 

Pan roasted duck, dirty rice, green chile jus   21

Seared pink prawns, chiles, garlic, anchoiade    12/20 

"Pork and Beans"   10

Chicken gumbo     8

Collard green and pork belly ravioli with hot potlikker     10/15

Cheeseburger, hand-cut fries    12

Pan roasted rockfish, grits, corn, bacon broth    23

     Leg of lamb, charred okra, padron peppers, plum, hominy, pan jus   19

Fall grains, greens + curry broth   16




* Menu designed by Chef Lenny's 7 year old daughter Chef Sofie!

Eggs, potatoes, no-nitrate turkey bacon   6
Whole wheat pancakes   4
Fruit cup and yogurt   4
Bowl of cereal   2

Grilled cheese and tomato soup   7
Sophie’s favorite salad: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette   4
Nori and rice, miso soup   4
Pasta of the day   5
Chicken tenders with barbecue sauce and fries   8
Fish of the day   8
Whole grain bowl with chicken and/or veggies   6
Veggie plate   4

Juice: orange, apple, grape   3
              Milk: cow, soy, almond   3             
Shirley Temple   3
Seasonal Lemonade   5            Jones Sodas 4


Seasonal fruit bowl    5

Whole wheat pancakes, pure maple syrup   8

Two eggs, choice of meat, grits or potatoes, biscuit    8

Ribeye steak, two eggs, potatoes, biscuit    20

Crispy pork chop, grits, two eggs    14

Brussels sprouts, tomato, cheddar omelet, greens    10

Fried chicken, doughnut    13

West Coast breakfast burrito, green chile   12

Cheeseburger, fries   13

Garlic shrimp, grits, eggs    18

Avocado tartine, mixed greens    9

Bacon, pork, or turkey sausage   4

Cheese grits or potatoes    3

French press coffee   cup  3 |  small pot  6  |  large pot   8

Juice   orange/tomato/apple/grape   3

milk   3

Mimosa              glass  8 |   pitcher   30

Michelada          glass   8 |  pitcher   23